"Can't It Just Work?"

Your company has some bad-ass marketing technology that can really help restaurants and retail locations boost sales, increase loyalty and create consumer engagement.  

The problem is that no matter which environment you walk into you are constantly running into issues with Point Of Sale integration.  Every. Damn. Time.

I know because I've been there. I've seen sales cycles drag out , deals disappear, and projects blow up. I've led projects that were scheduled for 6 months that went over 2 years.  It was ugly. And not in that so-ugly-almost-cute Amy Schumer kinda way. More like "Get your shit and get the hell out"-kinda-ugly. 

System Integrations Are Deal Killers...


"With Almost Every Brand We Walk Into, The In-Store Systems Are a Disaster"

You never signed up to be some sort of tech guru that knows the ins-and-outs of APIs.  You just want it to work. 

Well, that's where we come in.  I've managed to crack the code.

They say that when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So I stopped thinking like a hammer and started thinking like compound miter saw.  

"What if I applied the same big data tools by all of those startups to this commission-killing problem?"

 And that, was how The Bus was born...

Introducing The Bus

Any Possible Scenario

The BUS is an integration platform that provides a single, unified interface for each of the components of the marketing technology stack. It is platform independent, configuration independent, flexible and lightening fast.

The BUS is built on one simple premise: a system that accommodates any possible scenario. The BUS not only supports one-way data normalization, it supports bi-directional and real-time communication.

Purpose built for restaurants and retail from experts with 18 years in the industry, the BUS makes integration so easy, you won’t even need developers.

Bryan Mason
 Having something like The Bus is just and incredible leg up and a vast reduction in the amount of time it takes to do the integration. It worked flawlessly and was lightening fast. It's kind of like a vendor's dream. 

Before The Bus...

After The Bus...

Who The Heck Is This Guy?

Sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Todd Michaud, the Founder of this platform of awesomeness know as Left On Yellow. I have worked in restaurant marketing and IT for the last 12 years at some of the largest restaurant chains in the world on both the buy and the sell side of the equation. I have assembled a warrior team of engineers, operations, support, sales and support who are ALL are all cut from the same cloth. We are all restaurant and retail geeks that are used to the daily beat-down associated of working in IT. I built The Bus to solve the biggest challenge that I faced on every single marketing project that I worked on...in-store integrations. Amazing things happen when you are too stupid to realize that something won't work and actually pull it off.