The Beauty Of Risking Everything For A Dream Nobody Sees But You.

Data integration is hard. There it is, plain and simple. For 20 years our team has been bumping up against the edges of technology to push what’s possible. From hacking a Coke machine on to a LAN to accept digital payments in 1990 to the revolutionary tech that drives The Bus…we take everybody to school.

We have been asked time and time again to architect a solution that would allow restaurants to integrate their many technology platforms into their existing POS systems for one seamless business tool.

But integrating several platforms that don’t speak the same language is costly, time consuming and complicated. Even worse, it only works for that one system and when the next one arrives, we had to start all over again!

In 1908, Henry Ford said that if he’d asked his customers what they wanted, they would have told him they wanted faster horses. Much like livestock, data integration has been wrangled by evolution. In the case of technology; the same interfaces and methodologies have been in place since the 1970’s. IT Executives kept asking for faster horses and their IT minions kept on making them. We knew there had to be a better way…

Convention needed to be abandoned, we had to find an alternative. After a night fueled by caffeine and cocktails, it hit us like a pissed-off bouncer: Why not model our approach after something we hated when we were kids?! Riding the bus to school. We developed The Bus, an integration platform built differently. Integrate differently. Behave differently. Succeed differently.

We traded in our saddles for pleather bench seats and have never looked back.

Unlocking Marketing's Ball And Chain

There always seems to be a barrier between what you want to do and what your current technology is capable of doing. We refer to this as Technical Debt and it has swallowed many technology projects whole and is the leading cause of CMO-CIO discord. Our platform, called The Bus is a cure for Technical Debt, especially the always messy world of POS integrations. The Bus provides a single point of integration that connects your POS systems, to loyalty programs, online ordering, the next generation of offers and coupons, data warehouses and CRM platforms…just to name a few.

Now your systems can share data back and forth effectively and reliably. No more excuses about technology, now focus on growing sales and improving your business. The technology team will be comfortable knowing that all of your integrated platforms are working seamlessly to help you stay competitive, without taking on technical debt and built to support whatever comes next. Or you can keep arguing in circles...totally up to you.

Can You Hear Me Now? Good!

The Bus is a centralized data management platform that solves the "POS Integration Barrier" that almost every retail and restaurant brand is faced with. Truth is, we have yet to find a solution we couldn't support or a client we couldn't satisfy.

System integrations in weeks rather than months, upgrades in days rather than weeks and data availability in seconds rather than days. We solve problems faster than a clean-up by The Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

We have integrated to the most common technology platforms used in the hospitality industry, with a steady stream of new platforms coming online all the time. And we have created advanced technologies to integrate non-standard systems in a way not previously possible with traditional methods. 

We are the babelfish of enterprise retail and restaurant data...all data, one universal language.

Our Delorean Has A Flux Capacitor And Boy Do We Have Some Gigawatts

With a name like Left On Yellow, we better be packing some bad-ass technology. We're here to shake things up. We believe that data standardization and data governance are as silly as triple-stamping a double-stamp. 

We have built the platform on a mantra of Governance Free Data Management. This means that The Bus works with the most diverse store technologies: from major industry brands, to yard sale cash registers installed by your cousin Vinny.

We don't use old-school Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) to move data from system-to-system. Instead we use patent-pending technology that converts transaction data in real-time, from messy to clean, or the other way around. This is not your father's data transformation, this is that new thing you've been waiting for.


Stop Trying To Plug The Lamp Into The Fusebox

Not that we needed all that for the business, but once you get locked into serious data collection...the tendency is to push it as far as you can. Complicated business rules and complicated integration software must be developed to support a certain set of data uses or dashboards. 

If your usage of the data changes, the rules must change and every system must be updated with the latest and greatest. This is costly, unrepeatable and difficult to manage with classic ETL and is the key driver of the value of The Bus platform.

We believe access to your data should operate like an electrical power strip. Any system should be able to easily connect to the source and have the exact same data as every other system.


Everyone Thought The First Person To Try Eating A Lobster Was Crazy

LOY has created a data integration platform that turns it's back on previous conventions and allows systems and data to integrate in a way not previously possible. We call it Real-Time, Dynamic Data Modeling (I now, sounds cool, right?)

By centralizing data management, our clients create a ubiquitous single version of the truth. 

  • New item on the menu? Add it once. 

  • Change the definition of Net Sales or Active Customers? Stop chasing ghosts throughout your enterprise. 

  • A new system need access to POS data? Simply subscribe to that data stream and start reaping the value. 

Wow, that was easy! Your cost-of-ownership goes down while your data integrity goes up. We call that winning without the need for fire breathing fists or drinking tiger's blood (because we all know how that story ends).

If A Swiss Army Knife And A Polyglot Had A Baby

Our goal is to unlock your data so you can focus on growing your business and we offer near boundless integration options. Our platform can support every type of store or cloud environment. Here are just a few of the ways our clients unlock their enterprise data:

  • Clouds (Cumulous, Rain or Stormy)

  • POS (Traditional, Cloud, Tablet, Kiosk or even force-feeding HGH to your receipt printer)

  • Custom Agent (Yours, Ours, Crowd-sourced or one from the POS provider)

  • Integration Options (RESTful, Socket, JSON, XML, or Smoke-Signals)

  • Data Sets: (Sales, Inventory, Labor, Customer, Demographics & Psychographic, Marketing and Fortune Teller)

We have two outstanding bets: Who has data that we can't deal with and who can beat our COO in a rap battle. To submit your name for a challenge for either one, contact us here.